Wicked History Greeting Cards are part card and part short story. The stories are inspired by vintage imagery scavenged from estate sales and antique shops. My work with this small business began with the logo design. The logo was designed to feel reminiscent of a vintage stamp, allowing for the nod to "care of" labeling with the decorative c and o. 
Creating these cards requires extensive photo restoration as most of the images are acquired with significant damage. The basic card design was adjusted to accommodate cards from different periods in history. Turn-of-the-century images are typeset in a serif font with drop caps on textured, off-white paper. The midcentury cards are set in a sans-serif on smooth, bright white paper. Custom cards have also been created for museums like the Historic New Orleans Collection. 
This advertisement ran in Willamette Week during its holiday gift guide. The campaign promoted the midcentury Christmas card collection. 
Wicked History Greeting Cards have been promoted at the Museum Store Association conference and the Portland Book Festival. I created graphics for the promotional banners, pictured here at the Portland Book Festival.
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